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imagine if you had to wait until you were 21 to drink alcohol

not sure if someone from another country posted this or a very enthusiastic underage drinker

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I dont normally post/reblog stuff like this, but jeasus christ im dying.

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Oliver Sykes accepting the award for his band Bring Me The Horizon at the APMAS

I just love him.

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Anonymous asked: So I have really bad skin and I use this cream from the doctors which clearly isn't vegan. I feel so shit but I'm so insecure about my skin. I don't know what to do




Darling, no medication is vegan. So please don’t feel guilty. We have to do what we have to do to get by. 

This is important. I feel like veganism isn’t ever 100% unless you live outdoors, don’t pay taxes, etc.

You’ll always be a part of some type of animal cruelty if you’re living an average civilized life, BUT you do the best you can..

And as long as you’re trying, you’re doing better than most!

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